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5 Podcasts Wakandans Should Listen To

I had just got used to T'challa too! I was looking forward to him taking over for Tony Stark. And they snatched him.

They "Got 'em" and Nick Fury (but I had a feeling Samuel Jackson knew what was up lol).

It had me feeling like  T'Challa (the youngest Avenger to join) was Sonny in The Education of Sonny Carson intro on Ghostface's "All That I Got Is You"

Quick refresher:

Until T'Challa's Return... here are 5 Podcasts to keep us Wakandan's Entertained

1. The Joe Budden Podcast

The Joe Budden Podcast

This is like hanging out with your boys from high school and y'all are getting at each other's neck, cracking jokes in good spirits each week. If you got a long drive, play a Joe Budden podcast because he's cracked the podcast code and doesn't take himself too seriously and it makes for good entertainment. Check it Out Here.

2. The Brilliant Idiots Podcast

The Brilliant Idiots

What if Charlamange wasn't time boxed on the Breakfast club and could interview more diverse and lesser known content creators on a regular basis? What if partnered up with a Professional comedian and contrarian that will debate and take the unpopular and opposite point of view just to have philosophical discussion on human nature? You'd have a recipe for comedy and insight in long-form content. Check it out here.

3. The Angela Rye's On 1 Podcast

Angela Rye On 1

If you are slipping in your Killmonger awareness? If you were moved the "Nah, bury me at sea..." line in the movie, then check out On 1. It's good conversation about current social and political issues from a person who as been both behind the scenes politically, socially, and in media. If you need a sanity check to make sure you ain't the only one that's trippin' then On 1 is for you. Listen Here.

4. Bodega Boys

Bodega Boys

Desus and Mero on Vice is too short and it's not too short at the same time. 

Watch like 3 episodes and you will see what I mean.

Imagine if people paid you to joke with your boy dumb sloppy drunk shit you saw at the club lastnight? 

What if they gave people with no filters who grew up in the era of snappin and the jerky boys, a podcast?

You are going to be rolling on the floor in tears. Listen Here.

5. The Hughley Truth

The Hughley Truth

If you haven't seen D.L. Hughley live, you got to knock that off the bucket list. CNN should have kept him on the air too. Imagine him talking on CNN about the current politics?

Well he does it on his podcast and radio show filled with humor, wit, and thought provoking questions! Listen to the Hughley Truth here.

So until we're back in Wakanda and getting those Infinity Stones from Thanos, these podcasts should hold us over!

Leave your favorite comedic-political podcast suggestions in the comments below:

5 podcasts for Wakandans
5 podcasts for Wakandans
5 podcasts for Wakandans