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7 Free Tools For Faster Blogging

Sometimes, blogging can be overwhelming.

It can feel like you have so many multiple moving parts that need to be coordinated in order to create a quality piece of content let alone if you are working a full-time job.

I run multiple blogs in addition to “The Urb” and I can tell you that it’s a struggle to manage them all but I definitely have a list of my got to blogging tools that I have accumulated over the years in order to keep my sanity.

Here’s a list of about 7 different tools free that I personally use to help blog faster and and create high quality content more quickly.

These tools are intended for beginner bloggers who might not know that these tools and resources exist or even how to most effectively add them to their blog creations system.

But even advanced bloggers might learn a thing or two.

7 Free Tools For Faster Blogging

These 7 tools will help you write your content quicker, get more organized and create quality content at a faster pace with better quality and more efficiently.

Today quality content requires more visual elements like screenshots, videos, graphics and making sure that you have a system in place to create this kind of content is critical so that you are not starting from scratch all the time and moving at a snail’s pace.

How To Read This Post

Beginner Bloggers - Read through each tool sections and pay attention to the section about when I implement this into my blogging process.

Intermediate to Advanced - Skim the headlines,  and read use case for each or hop down the to the recap table at the bottom.

1. Textfixer ( Microsoft Word Problems Be Gone!

How often do you start writing your blogs off in Microsoft Word?

If you’re like me, that’s at least 80-90% of the time even though there’s Google docs, I’m just used to creating my documents in word because of all the additional capabilities.

But there’s a big PROBLEM

Microsoft Word code, that sits in the background of your text when you copy and paste into wordpress that complete jacks up the format of your content. It’s not just wordpress it’s almost any WSYWIG HTML editor when you don’t paste it in as plain text.

The problem with pasting it in as plain text is that you lose all your formatting and end up spending additional time formatting, bolding, italicizing, linking etc.

Textfixer is the solution.

With Textfixer or, all you have to do is take your MS Word content for your blog post and throw that bad boy into that little field, hit convert to HTML, and will actually take your MS Word content and converting to HTML and strip out the background MS Word code. You can then just toggle the text or html version of your blog post and paste the HTML code in there, then toggle back voila you are good to go!

Major Benefits

  • Clean Text from Word to HTML
  • Faster Blogging
  • No Plain Text

When To Use It

If you want to speed up the way you blog and don't want to deal with all that extra code and formatting issues from excess Microsoft Word code carrying over into your blog post, using tools like this you have will be able to skip the dreaded pasting into a notepad and then transfer the notepad into WordPress process.

Sometimes I'll use Google docs because little bit cleaner but if you are more comfortable with using Microsoft Word, then you definitely want to use this to clean up your code and you should use this at the end what you've written everything in Microsoft Word.

One important thing to remember is not to include your images in Microsoft Word. Images won't easily transfer over into WordPress.

2. Simplify Your Keyword Research for Blogging

I use use this for quick keyword research for both Google and YouTube to find longtail versions of keyword.

Sure I have plenty of other complex tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs, but when I am in the flow and want to do quick keyword research, is my go to tool

This is a free tool to help you quickly figure out what people actually looking for what keywords to incorporate into the titles of your blogs. You can also use this tool find additional keywords for existing ranking posts to SEO them a bit more to get more search engine traffic.

Major Benefits

  • Fast Keyword Research
  • Helps Find Longtail Keywords
  • Helps Find Synonyms For Your Content

When To Use It

I use it in the blog brainstorming and title creation phase because trying to just create blogs without any sort of SEO sort of consideration is creating extra work for yourself.

Create blogs that won't get any natural traffic means that you will have to go out and promote harder because you neglected SEO keyword research.

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3. Quality Free Stock Images for blogging

Don’t you hate long blogs with no images? Don’t you hate that most free stock photo places and Google royalty-free images search sucks?

I know I am personally tired of the Google image search returning cloudy power point images with a pyramid and Arial font that looks like it belongs next to Microsoft’s Clicky.

In comes a really good solution:

As mentioned earlier, the Internet is becoming more visual and requiring great blog to be useful content and visually appealing. This is even more critical if you're using social media to promote your content.

Major Benefits

  • High Quality Stock Images
  • Free Stock Images
  • List Element

When To Use It

Specifically, I use this for videos, landing pages, blog post and even brainstorming to come up with new blog ideas. Using this for inspiration in the beginning or at the end to enhance the visual appeal of your content and you can’t go wrong. In fact it will make your blog look official!

4. Pexels When You Just Need That Big Image

Pexels for Big Images

If it's bigger images so if you want, Pexel is the royalty-free free stock photo solution.

As more people become bloggers, vloggers, and social media darlings, there is going to be more content creation competition and images is way to standout from competition.

It sounds oxymoronic “Standout with Stock Images” but when used strategically it can amplify just “Ok” content.

And they are Free and Royalty Free.

Major Benefits

  • Larger Images
  • Free
  • Royalty-Free

When To Use It

Prior to these type of sites, I would try to find large images on Yahoo’s Flickr or Google images and that was a matter of luck.  Now I use Pexels and a cheap paid stock photos service, when I just want to get something done quickly.

5. Evernote The Screenshot Time Saver


Evernote helps you take screenshots from your browser so that you can create images, document and annotate in a few clicks. If you ever wanted to highlight a website or a section of an area within a website to support your point of view, then use Evernote.

You can use this to build your articles, listicles, and product review ahead of time during the data gathering phase. Evernote even save the name of site when you took the screenshot so that you don’t forget the place where you took the screenshot.

Major Benefits

  • Quick screenshot tool
  • Free cloud and desktop versions
  • Annotation functionality

When To Use It

I use this to add more visual content to my blog post when I need so show people the exact steps I took or highlight examples on the web to support my point. Prior to Evernote, I would use Ctrl + Print Screen command to take a screenshot  and open up MS Paint and save it as an image and then uploaded to my blog.

All in all, that was a very tedious process. Now this is makes it a snap. I use this when I'm doing research  or data collection for a blog post.

6. Seafoam Green, You Have Met Your Match


I created a site and had a graphic designer friend of mine review it. Her response was "I hate Seafoam Green! Why is everything on your site Seafoam Green!?" I didn't and still don't know much about color palette selection and complimentary colors. I like websites that look awesome, but I hack my way to decent looking ones with templates and tools. However, I have learned that there is formula for corresponding complimentary colors.

Even to Seafoam Green! 

There's plenty of tools that help you match colors and provide Hex codes, but none quite like

You don't have ugly like content and color schemes on your blog.

You also don't have to pay an expensive graphic designer every time you want to create a graphic. is kind of like a happy medium.

Major Benefits

  • Quickly find complimentary colors
  • Free color palette picker tool
  • User controlled randomization in the color palette picker

When Should You Use It Summary

7. Asana Project Management Tool To Get Organized


Is a project management tool I use to organize my brainstorming thoughts, structure the layout and flow of the blog, and to manage the additional step of graphics creation and SEO steps to promote content

 Asana is very intuitive flows has a really great organization layout. You can even use the card view similar to Trello or post-it cards to plan out your content schedule for the week. It helps to create a system to help you stay organized, create processes, be more efficient at both creation and promotion.

Major Benefits

  • Quickly Find Complimentary Colors
  • Free color palette tool
  • User-controlled random color palette generator

When To Use It

I use Asana in the beginning to create my blog post templates and to make sure that I actually knocked out everything that I'm supposed to knock out in a blog post on time (or as close to one time as possible.) This way it helps keep my blog posts very structured.

Prior to this in using Notepad. I would use sticky notes I'd be kind of all over the place. In a sauna kind of puts all of that craziness into an organized format and specifically telling me create templates in order to create longer form content more effectively and faster.

7 Blogging Tools Summary Table



Main Benefit


Create Clean HTML from Word Docs

Quick conversion from Word to HTML

Keyword Research Tool

Good longtail keyword research tool

Free Stock Images 

Free stock images to add to your blog


Big Stock Images

Free larger stock images to add to your blog


Web Clipper and Annotation Tool

Great for documentation a screenshot making and adding it to your blog


Color Palette Picker

Automatically picks complimentary color palettes


Project Management Tool

Create content structure, brainstorming and to-do lists


Now you know the 7 tools that I use to create better quality content WAY faster. The biggest and most tedious thing used to be finding good images. Now that is solved with Pexels, Stocknap, and Evernote. Check out Asana too and tell me what you think in the comments below.

Bonus Download: There's 4 More Free Tools That Can Help You Create Content Even Faster AND I Have Included Them In A Downloadable PDF. Click Here To Get This List of Free Blogging Tools!

7 Free Tools V2
7 tools to blog faster
7 Free Tools for Faster Blogging